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Arjan Breunesse

Liberty High Schooln/a

Palm Bay, FL | Brevard County


October 30, 2008

The school is a wonderful idea, in theory. A school is made up of the people who teach it, along with the principal that runs it. My child was in the (Palm Bay) school before and after the administration change. There is a fine line between running a school and running a business, and the current administration have crossed that line. They charge an exoirbant amount of money and added charge, especially compared to the last administration. They have little to no disciplinary tactics, and detention is unheard of. My child had a large problem transferring, due to the fact that not all of the credits were considered 'legitimate' to the new school, therefore causing him to be behind. If your want your child to finish school early, and aren't planning on switching schools, then this school will most likely be to your satisfaction.

Submitted by a parent

January 3, 2008

it is a great school. It lets you complete all the required courses that you need to graduate faster.

Submitted by a student

July 14, 2005

Liberty High offers a non-traditional education. The staff is very positive. The work is self-paced. This is a great way for a high school aged child to complete graduation requirements quickly.

Submitted by a parent

August 19, 2003

It was a great school. You learn to be independent and it challeges you but the teachers are also there to help. The teachers at this school accually cared for their students.

Submitted by a former student

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